Organization, Light Demo and the Find

Now that the renovation is days away we needed to get organized. We started by moving everything we could into the utility/boiler room. As you can see, we crammed in quite a bit of stuff into the small 13' by 10' room.

Then we started on the light demo. Removing as much as I could without moving the existing electrical. This wall is coming down to make room for the future shower and the closet will be transformed into a proper closet re-framed out and adding a light and a door.

Here's Quinn playing next to the bathroom sink and cabinet. Beyond is the light demo pile and that green patch is where a makeshift closet once was hiding the gas line. That's where the find was found, but more on that later.

The blue tape on the floor outlines where the bathroom and closets will go. The wall is coming down and new one will go up about two feet further back.

  The stairs are getting a face lift as well with new risers, treads and railing.

While pulling out the closet around the gas line, I uncovered a deck of old playing cards that were well faded. Slowly I started collecting an entire deck, but before I did two photos came floating down. These two photos were both taken in May of 1957, but unfortunately they weren't taken in front of my house. Still a great find. I need to ask my neighbor if he knows the women in the photos since he's lived there all his life.

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  1. Those photos are amazing. Wow. Looks more like the housing in Shaw, Bloomindgale or somewhere in Old City. Guess there are some of those porch-less Victorians over in Columbia Heights too. Amazing. Definitely do something special with those in the house and save 'em.