Bookshelf and Book Organization

After purchasing a giant eight foot by eight foot handmade bookshelf when we were moving I finally got around to securing it to the wall. Now you would think this would be an easy enough task, but this wall is plaster on brick with no gap. I discovered this after drilling a hole for an anchor screw. So I went back to the orange depot and picked up some masonry screws so I could attach my bracket directly to the brick. The process went fairly smoothly after that and the support seems to be working, but I’m not sure it can hold too much more weight. Now all I have to do is patch two small holes and this project is done (or so I thought).

As soon as the bookcase was secured it was time put our books on it. I immediately began organizing by subject matter novels on one shelf, philosophy books on another, etc... My better half had a different idea, thus the beautifully organized by color bookcase. It really looks great and once we fill the rest of the spots with art and what not I think it will look even better. Now all I need to do is remember what the color of the spine of Bloodsucking Fiends is.