Kitchen Hardware

Check it out! The new hardware came and I think it really makes the kitchen look a lot better. The only issue is that with these clean bar handles you can notice that the original handles weren't all installed completely straight. Oh well I guess that will be another project to post in the near future.

Yellow and White Bathroom

After I convinced my better half to paint the kitchen green I conceded to painting the bathroom yellow. In the end I think it turned out great. The walls are bright and they really look great with all the sun from the skylight.

In order to finish the room we decided to paint the matching medicine cabinet, sink cabinet and mirror frame white. The end result is bright and inviting two toned yellow and white bathroom. After we finished the painting we purchased a nice yellow and white shower curtain that I think finishes off the bathroom nicely.

Medicine cabinet and mirror frame drying after the second coat of paint.

Here you can see the shower curtain.