Mid-Century Hi-Fi Restored

We picked up this old mid century hi-fi stand awhile back, but it needed a fair amount of work. There were a lot of blemishes on the wood and the previous owner started drilling holes in the white support pieces trying to remove them (I assume they didn't have a saw). So we cleaned it up and patched the holes and added some additional support . Then we stripped it down and refinished it


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Re-Upholstered Erik Buch Chairs

We bought a gate-leg table a few years back and refinished it, but the chairs still needed to be reupholstered.  As you can see the fabric had a number of stains, their previous life was in the former owner's basement as a kids arts and crafts table. We took the chairs to Modern Chair Restoration up in Catonsville, MD. We saw a post on their blog detailing a re-upholstery job of our same Erik Buch chairs. Katherine did a fantastic job and even gave us some great tips on how to re-upholster faux Eams lounge chairs (we just finished one and it turned out great, the posts are in the works).