Electrolytic Rust Removal

So I decided to try an experiment last weekend. I obtained some old rusted outdoor metal chairs that needed to be stripped of rust, primed and painted. After looking online for various methods of rust removal I found something called Electrolytic Rust Removal. It sounds a bit crazy electricity and water are always said to be major no no’s. This is a relatively simple solution compared to hours of grinding and sanding.

The setup is fairly simple: prepare a conductive solution bath for your object (I used washing soda [1 teaspoon per pint of H2O]) in an inert (plastic) bucket/tub, submerge object and clamp it in place, clamp steel rebar in the solution (make sure it doesn’t touch your object), connect the positive end of you battery charger to the rebar and the negative end to your object and watch as the electrolytic process removes the rust with no effort. Once you are satisfied with the results clean off the object and you will be amazed how the rust just flakes off.