New Privacy Fence

So I finally scheduled the privacy fence installation. I had 4 different companies bid on the project and I settled on Capital Fence because they provided a reasonable quote and were more transparent about their process than the others. Also their quote for a cedar fence was the equivalent to a pressure treated fence from the other companies. In the end I'm so glad I chose Mike and his team. The guys he sent over were amazing and their work was perfect. Having a concrete slab isn't ideal for installing a wood fence. Your options for installation are to core drill the concrete to install the fence posts (first photo) or use metal brackets screwed into the concrete. I went with option one as it is much more secure and lasts considerably longer that the brackets.

The next step is to seal the fence. The next weekend without rain I will run over to Home Depot and rent a paint sprayer and knock out the sealing.

Here is a bird's eye view of the core drill.

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  1. I noticed from this picture, and the previous on the solar panels (that showed the pointy red house on Illinois/4th over the roofline, that we are neighbors as well as renovation compadres. We're on Marlboro. Hello there, neighbors!