Revised Plumbing and a Sump Pump

The plumbing ground work inspection was on Monday (and we passed), but the weekend before George made a few updates to the plumbing. The setup looks a lot better now and more straightforward. Here is the new layout before George added the back water valve. The shower is the closest followed by the toilet and sink.

Here George is adding the back water valve, which will prevent sewer from backing up into the bathroom.

Here you can see the new vent return to the main stack. Once the new floor goes in and the framing goes up George will take the sink drain and vent it up to here.

Here is the back water valve with a brick holding the flap down so we could test to make sure there were no leaks int he drains.

Geroge is adding the  water to test for leaks. After filling up the pipes the water should sit at the same point in all 3 tubes.

The black tube is for accessing the back water valve and will have flush mounted cap on the new concrete floor.

Even though we don't have water trouble in the basement it made sense to add a sump pump in the utility room. Here the whole is being dry fitted. Next we will add rocks to the bottom and level it to be flush with the new concrete floor.

Next up, the floor get poured on Tuesday.

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