Buttons, Piping, and Refinishing: Faux Eames Reupholstered

We picked up the new fabric along with the button kits at Joann's Fabric and got to work on the buttons and piping. The button project proved a bit difficult because the supplied backs in the kit were too flimsy. We used some buttons we had lying around that happened to be the right size. The kit had a fabric template so we cut it to shape, applied some fabric glue, and jammed the button in the back. I wish it was as easy as that, my wife spent quite a bit of time finessing these buttons into shape and her hard work paid off. While all of my attempts failed miserably. 


Here you can see the piping stapled together. We reused the existing cord and stapled it every two inches or so. Make sure there is enough fabric to staple this to the chair later. We made piping for the ottoman, seat, back and head rest. 

We then got to work on the refinishing and started with sanding and cleaning the wood with mineral spirits. Once the wood was in good shape we applied some wood oil. It really brought the wood back to life and removed a bunch of the nicks and scratches.




Next up is the real work. Cutting the new foam, shaping it, upholstering and assembling it.

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