Drawings Approved, Permit in Hand

Well I went into the permit office this week and walked out with a permit. I showed up super early and was the first inline. You would think that would mean that I would be the first to meet with someone. It’s just like the DMV, I received my ticket and waited for my number to be called, but everyone else seemed to be getting called ahead of me. After a few questions back at the reception desk I was given a new number. This time I’m waiting in front of the DDOE station window and I see the guy moving papers around, sharpening his pencils, tapping away at his computer, but not calling my number. After staring at him for almost 15 minutes (keep in mind I’ve already been waiting for 40 minutes with a number and another 30 minutes before the place opened). Finally, I hear my number and I sit down with the guy and explain what I’m trying to do and show him my drawings. He starts asking me questions about the forms I was given as if he’s never seen them before. For example he says to me “what do you think an ‘existing dwell units’ means?” I say it’s a single family home, so it’s 1 unit. He says “you don’t think it means the number of bedrooms?” I mean isn’t this your job? So then he starts drawing all over my drawing (thankfully I brought a bunch of extras in addition to the 4 sets I need to get stamped and signed). After 15 minutes of this he finally realizes that I’m the homeowner and not a contractor and suggests that I talk to someone in the Homeowner’s Center where they are more helpful. At this point I’m a bit frustrated that I wasn’t directed here in the first place since that’s exactly who I asked to speak with, but I’m just glad I’m headed in the right

The Homeowner’s Center is a breath of fresh air. The guy here is straight forward and just asks me to show him my materials and what I’m trying to do. He tells me to go wait in the lobby and he’ll have everything in order in a few minutes. 5 minutes later he hands me a receipt and say go pay this and when you come back ill have your permit ready. Sure enough, 10 minutes later I have my permit in my hand and jumping for joy.

The next thing I do is call my contractor and send him the approved drawings and our detailed work items. We're ready to move forward. Next up, we need to get a revised quote and sign on the dotted line. Then the contractor needs to get the plumbing and electrical permits (they don't give those the regular folks like me).

Detailed Work Items

  1. Consolidate and clean up pipes and run electrical through new conduit
  2. Clean beams of any nails, extraneous wires/unused pipes…etc.
  3. Replace canned ceiling lights, add three way switches downstairs by back door and at the bottom of the stairs.
  1. Break up concrete floor to run drain lines for toilet, shower and sink.
  2. Pour new concrete to finish floor and level it.
  3. Run all water lines.
  4. Build frame around walls of bathroom.
  5. Build stand-up shower.
  6. Install tile on shower walls, shower floor and floor of bathroom.
  7. Install electric floor heating.
  8. Install fixtures – sink, toilet, cabinet.
  9. Install recessed lights in ceiling and light above sink/mirror.
  10. Install exhaust vent to outside through dryer vent
  11. Install drywall and paint walls and ceiling.
  12. Install towel bars / toilet paper holder / hooks.
  13. Rough-in plumbing for future sink in adjacent closet wall.
Main Room:
  1. Remove existing wooden wall. Relocate light switch to boiler room.
  2. Build new soffit around gas pipe stack pipe
  3. Build frame around walls of main room and install closed cell foam insulation.
  4. Build stud to support the hanging of the TV on wall next to stairs.
  5. Run electrical work and install outlets.
  6. Install baseboard heater and run electrical
  7. Install drywall on walls. (not ceiling)
  8. Paint walls and ceiling.
  1. Replace treads and risers with those with nice nosing.
  2. Replace railing
  1. Build closet under the landing of the stairs. 
  2. Build closets along wall of bathroom
  3. Install lighting, switches  and outlets in closets
Back Door:
  1. Fix / replace door frame and threshold to close any gaps. Install new door and security door.
  2. Install door to boiler room.
  3. Install exterior light outside of back door.
  1. Level floor with liquid leveler. 

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  1. Homeowners' Service Center is the best. Mr. Bhogal or something like that? Still the Indian gentleman with the turban? Guy is a little terse and direct, but super helpful and if you get there early, totally painless. Looks like a great project you guys. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Good luck with the work!