Inspection Report

Look no insulationSo, the inspection went pretty well! The seller will only have to fix some minor stuff (e.g. dishwasher soap dispenser, replace some 20 amp circuits with 15 amp ones, ground a few outlets, etc…). Maybe I’ll be able to get him to add some spray insulation in the attic since there is none there.

Two other things came up in this inspection. First, my neighbor’s power lines are attached to my house. Now I’m going to need to have the power company come out and move them and I’m sure they are going to get to that right away. Second, I wanted to convert a closet on the main floor into a small half bath, but the sewer line is nowhere near there. I think I’m going to have to tear up my concrete basement floor to do it.

Let me just say I was prepared for the worst with this inspection. I was waiting for him to come down off the roof and say “well it looks like you’re going to needed a whole new roof.” But none of that happened. The only thing that did surprise me was the realization of how much more some projects are going to cost me.

Next up appraisal and seller fixes.

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