The Conditioned Response

I just received the seller's response to my conditions.

Here are the agreed upon conditions:
  • Snake out slow drain in upper level bathroom

  • Correct overfused circuits

  • Ground three ungrounded outlets

  • Install operational smoke alarms

  • Install TPR valve on boiler

  • Service boiler & reduce water pressure

  • Repair basement staircase handrail

  • Install window at bottom of upper level skylight

  • Repair soap dispenser on dishwasher

  • Fully insulate attic by blowing loose-fill insulation In lieu of blown insulation the seller will provide a $600 credit toward insulation of the attic

He agreed to almost everything!!!! Except for the attic insulation I got everything I was hoping for. And I really didn't expect anything for the attic, but he offered me a $600 credit which isn't too bad.

Now I just need to get the appraisal back and my loan approved.

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